Newborn FAQs

Newborn session FAQs

When is the best time to book a newborn session?

I recommend booking your newborn session in the second trimester. I only photograph a limited numbers of newborns each month to ensure I am free to accomodate them all within the needed time frame once they arrive. The best time to book is always before your baby is here. 
You only need to reserve your slot. The actual date we will finalize once the baby is here and you are back home from the hospital ready for the shoot. 

How do we reserve a slot?

To secure your slot, a non-refundable 50% advance deposit is required and the balance is due on the day of the portrait session. 

So when will my session take place?

Please let me know when your little sweetie arrives and then we will finalize your session date. From my end I promise to do it within the first 3 weeks of birth, which is the ideal time for newborn portraits. You can get it done later than that also. 

Where will my session take place?

All baby portrait sessions take place in my home studio specially designed to keep you and your little ones comfortable throughout the session. You will have full access to an ever-increasing and huge collection of props and accessories there. 

How do we prepare the baby for the session?

We will want your newborn sleepy for the entire session, that is how we accomplish those cute sleepy poses.  There are a few things you can do to ensure this.
It is very important your baby has a full tummy before we begin the session so we can spend the most time taking pictures, before we need a milk break again.
Giving your baby a bath right before coming to the studio for the shoot will also greatly help. It tires them out and is a sure-fire way to get a sleepy baby.
Also please dress baby in something easy to remove, so we don’t wake them up too much while undressing and getting them ready for their poses.

Do we need to bring anything?

NOTHING, just the baby! I have a huge collection of wraps, outfits and props. If you have a special teddy or a favourite outfit/blanket, please bring these with you as we may be able to incorporate these into the shoot to create something that is special to your family.
You do need to bring a pacifier. Even if baby is not using one at home, sometimes babies require a pacifier whilst being moved into poses. If you haven’t used it with your baby yet, rest assured that using one for a few minutes during your session is highly unlikely to cause nipple or feeding confusion. If you really don’t want me to use one then of course we won’t.

How long does a session last?

Sessions can last anywhere from 2 – 3 hours, completely depending on the baby. 

Will I get to choose the setups?

You can totally choose the setups from my page and I will recreate those as is. You can also let me design your session layout completely, in which case I only prefer to know which colors and style you are fond of. We can do neutral and minimalistic, which I love for newborn babies, or make it as elaborate as you want.

What do we do while the baby is being photographed?

Kick back and relax! I have a lovely sofa in the studio for you to snuggle up in. You can watch and enjoy the process, catch up on social media, get a little bit of rest. The studio will be very warm as this helps to keep baby settled so dress in light clothes so you don’t get too hot. If you are dressing up for your family portraits, make sure to get a spare change of comfy clothes that you can switch into once the family portraits are done. 

Who all can accompany us during the shoot?

If you have selected the package with family portraits, please note that only includes your own immediate family and NOT the extended family (grandparents, cousins, aunts are not included) Once we are done with the family portraits, the husband and other siblings of your baby can leave and we can start the baby solos. You can have a female helper around you to help you with the baby during solos.

My baby has flaky skin/baby acne/scratches – is this a problem?

This is all part of the editing process and I will remove them during post-processing, specifically on the baby’s face. I don’t edit hands and feet with flakes as I believe these are details that are unique to your baby and will be lovely to look back on. 

What should we wear for family portraits?

I prefer neutral solid colors; black, grey, creams and white are all great choices for newborn sessions. Please coordinate your outfits between the family. Try to avoid patterns as they don’t look too flattering in pictures. 

Do you share images on social media?

I do. If you would prefer your child’s images not to be posted on social media, that’s totally fine, please just let me know before your session. 

How long does it take before we can see the photos?

My usual turnaround time for digital photos is anywhere within 3-4 weeks of your session date. Prints, frames and heirloom photobooks will be delivered after this according to their different time frames, as they are outsourced.

How do we receive our order?

You will receive them via a Dropbox link from where it is an easy, one-click download of all the hi-res images from your session. If you have added frames or a photobook to your package, you can collect that from the studio when the parcel is ready.

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