About me

Hi, there.

Welcome to my website. I am Sobia, the creator and owner of So Baby Photography which is a portrait studio located in Karachi, Pakistan. I specialize in capturing newborn and baby photographs. After having graduated from art school, I decided to pursue my two passions; BABIES AND PHOTOGRAPHY! And so my precious little studio was born in 2016. I named it So Baby, (which is kind of a play on my nickname Soby and the word baby). So baby was born in 2016 and in a short time, I poured all my love into my studio, attempting to turn it into one of the most sought-after and loved baby studios in the country.
I would describe my style as natural and organic, because is there really any another way to photograph a baby? Babies are perfect as they are. So this is my goal; to create minimalistic portraits which give every beautiful, raw detail of the baby the attention it deserves. I aim to create timeless and artistic portraits in which the baby is the only star.

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